Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation / Afforestation Essay for HSC & SSC

Tree Plantation Tree plantation means planting seedlings and saplings to get profit and to maintain ecological balance. Planting trees is a noble work as plants and trees supply oxygen, the most vital thing for which we survive, give fruits, flowers, timbers and what not. Trees are useful to us in many ways. Carbon dioxide makes […]

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DISCIPLINE Discipline means obedience to some rules and regulations. The term ‘discipline’ comes from a Latin word ‘disciplus’ which means a disciple. A disciple always obeys the orders of his preceptor unquestionably. Discipline has a great importance in every walk of life. It is a key to success. It teaches us obedience to rules forever. […]

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 Importance of Learning English

The Importance of Learning English Paragraph

 Importance of Learning English The Importance of Learning English. The importance of English cannot be described in words. It is the language used all over the world. That means it is an international language. We need English for our higher education. All books on higher education are written in English. These books help us to […]

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